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Smart Lighting Benefits

Smart lighting is growing in popularity at a fast rate. This is because of its unique feature to allow you to turn lights off and on not just by the standard switch on a wall but also by using a smartphone and for some products by using Alexa (voice control). Making it easier than ever to control your lights at home in every room. In addition, smart lighting allows you to change the colour and brightness of lights to match the mood and situation individually in each room. Smart lighting can be connected to any lighting circuit meaning your spotlights, pendants, and chandeliers can all be controlled with the touch of a button. 

What products are out there?

Generation 2 Lightwave Link Plus

These switches are controlled by the app or a voice assistant to control every aspect of smart lighting. Enables easy setting of lighting moods, built-in energy monitoring (with neutral), timers, and a host of other automation features. These switches are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home, iOS App, and Android App.

Glass Panel LED Wi-Fi On/Off Touch Smart Light Switches:

Turned on by touch or by the app accessible by your smartphone as well as it can be linked to Alexa allowing your lights to be voice controlled. They are simply linked to one of the lights and then from there can control all lights on that circuit. 

Wireless switches

Quinetic switches are the world's first wireless kinetic energy switches. These switches differ from the other two types of smart lighting listed as Quinetic switches cannot be controlled by phone. However, With a press of the Quinetic Wireless Switch, enough kinetic energy is generated to create and transmit a radio signal to the Quinetic Wireless Controller which in turn, will switch lamps or other loads on or off.

Why Choose SafeSpark for your Smart Lighting?

SafeSpark are constantly using the latest tech! There is no longer the constraint of a wiring location and no need to install back boxes or cut holes into your walls. The kinetic switch can be installed or placed to maximise convenience. Meaning there is no battery, no wiring to switches, and no limits with our imagination.

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