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SafeSpark Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Services

If you’re considering the purchase of an electric vehicle, then you are helping to protect the planet for the next generation! We at SafeSpark Thank You for your conscious efforts.
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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

With the government’s ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars in 2030, it may be smart to start looking at how you can move to an electric fleet for your business or purchase an electric family vehicle. Whatever you decide you’ll need access to a car charger, SafeSpark is the one for the job.
Our highly skilled team is equipped with resources ready to ensure your charging point is fitted promptly, professionally, and strategically located to ensure a high standard of practicality for your electric vehicle.

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EV Charging Points

Home EV charging

EV charger installation, tailored to your needs ensure high standard of practicality for charging your EV

Workplace EV Charging

EV charger installation to drive employee satisfaction and attract new customers

safespark ev charging point

Maintenance & Repairs

Is your EV charger faulty? SafeSpark can replace and upgrade your EV charging points

Domestic EV charging points

With around 80% of EV drivers charging their cars up at home, having an EV charging point installed is a worthwhile investment.
With your electric cars being heavily relied upon for commuting to places such as work and more on a day-to-day basis, you must have a team of specialist engineers safely & efficiently installing your EV charger ensuring a high standard of installation. SafeSpark always leaves the customer happy boasting a 100% 5 star rating on google.
SafeSpark can install any of the top-rated EV chargers out there and will help guide you in choosing the one best suited for you if you have not yet decided. We can help guide you to the most stylish chargers, reliable chargers, and cheapest chargers so don’t hesitate in giving us a call on: 07955 67 34 55
Our highly skilled team is equipped with resources ready to ensure your charging point is fitted promptly, professionally, and in a way that is strategically located to ensure a high standard of practicality for your electric vehicle.
What are the must know benefits of having an EV charger installed on your property? Read on to find out more. 

5 Reasons to install a home EV charger:  

  1. Convenience. Charging up your car while at home is the most time efficient way of charging your electric car up, as opposed to using the standard public chargers. Having chargers on hand at any time at home allows you to charge it up whenever you want to meaning you never have to allow time in your journeys to get fuel again! In comparison to using standard public chargers, home EV chargers have a much higher charge time taking between 4-6 hours to fully charge.  

Simply leave your car charging overnight and wake up to a fully charged car, it’s that easy! 

  1. Stress free. With SafeSpark you get a hassle-free process when having your charger installed. Requiring no permitted planning permission (in most cases) it’s as easy as phoning us up and getting the work booked in.  

  1. Reduce the carbon foot print. The UK is moving towards renewable energy more and more each day and this trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. So, join the millions of other people around the world who are considering switching to Electric Vehicles, helping reduce the carbon footprint. A great example of why we must start using renewable energy for our cars is, the recent heat wave we had in the U.K. when temperatures reached a record high (40.3°) due to us using harmful non-renewable sources of fuel.  

  1. Boost your property’s value. Having an EV charging point on your house is a very lucrative addition for any potential home buyers. There are an estimated 477,000 electric cars (EV) on the road in the UK now with only an estimated 200,000 owners having car chargers. Showing a clear demand for it. Lastly, its estimated EV charger fitted driveway will increase the value of a property by £11.7k which is more than it costs to install an EV charger!  

Commercial EV charging points

More and more businesses are getting electrical car charging points installed outside their premises. There are many reasons as to why businesses are doing so, benefits that make it well worthwhile that you may not be aware of. These benefits include:
Satisfy your clients/customers by providing all Electric car drivers with a place to charge. Ensuring their visit to your company premises is a pleasurable one. In addition to this, you could get up to £14,000 towards the cost with the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS).
  • Improving the company image by using renewable energy sources and attracting new customers.  

  • Attract more customers therefore boosting revenue  

  • Electrifying your fleet is a great step to making your business more sustainable. Saving money on fuel costs.  

Grants & funding

The workplace charging scheme (WCS) – If you’re thinking about installing electric car charging points at your business to be used by your employees, your company could receive up to £14,000 towards the cost of your commercial EV charging stations. Find out more here: workplace charging scheme

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